Our kitchen

Ideal Hotel in Sottomarina, directly managed by the owners, gives good service and excellent local cuisine, with buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with choice of menu and buffet of vegetables and salads. The menu is always fresh and varied every day.

BREAKFAST Hotel Ideal is a self-service buffet and includes: various jams, chocolate cream, honey, butter, biscuits, crackers, various types of cereals, cold milk, croissants, fruit juices, fruit tarts, fruit, meats such as mortadella, salami, ham, eggs, sliced cheese, bread, sugar, canned fruit, biscuits, toast, plums, water, yogurt, cakes and other things…

For hot drinks you will have a self-service machine that will serve: espresso short or long in preference, macchiato, decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, latte, chocolate, coffee, barley coffee, ginseng, latte macchiato, hot water for tea, chamomile or herbal tea, you will find a display with various kinds of tea, herbal tea and camomile…

LUNCH & DINNER. Hotel Ideal offers a typical local cuisine and a dietary cuisine, they are ALWAYS present dishes of fish or seafood, also people with CELIACHISMO by us are welcome, we pay particular attention to their needs and requirements trying to satisfy them as much as possible.

All dishes are created and prepared by our chefs, all food is prepared daily, do not come from catering, but from our local cuisine.

Some dishes are still made by hand by our chefs … one example: potato dumplings are handmade and not industrially !!!

In our menu you will find fish every day in the different types of cooking, the menu changes every day for lunch and dinner, are never the same in a week.

At lunch and dinner, there is also a salad buffet, hot and cold appetizers and some kind Russian salad, fried mozzarella, eggplant parmesan, tomato gratin and many other special features.