Answers to most frequently asked questions

How far away is the historic city of Chioggia, and how can you achieve it?
The center of the city of Chioggia is from just over 1 km, can be reached by public transport bus which, by its own means or on foot. Buses run to no more than 50 meters from the hotel with great frequency, (about one every 20 minutes), on foot with a short 10 min. about.
How far is Venice and how can you achieve it?
Venice is about 45 km from Sottomarina, it can be reached in three ways: a) Car, estimated travel time in about 40/50 min. b) Bus, estimated time: 1 hour, the bus station is about 250 meters from the hotel, the buses have an excellent frequency (about 1 every 30 minutes). c) In the boat via the lagoon with two options: 1) With public boat ACTV timetables free, working 24h-24h, boarding is about 2 km from the hotel, and found himself at the end of the historic center of Chioggia, the duration of navigation takes about 1:45 min., while browsing you can see the islands of Caroman, Pellestrina, Alberoni and the Lido, from here you will have to take another vaporetto to Piazza San Marco in Venice. 2) With a private boat “Raffaello Navigation, Direct Line Submarine-Venice and back.” Departure and return at set times. Round departure from ‘Union Island at 09.00, which is about 600 meters from the hotel, and arriving in Venice near the Church of the Pieta, near Piazza San Marco. Return departure at 17:00 from the Church of Mercy and arrival in Submarine Island Union the estimated time for the single journey is about 1:20 min. (Service available from 01.06 to 30.09 every day, and possibly at other times, but to be verified and confirmed).
Can I visit the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello? Is there a connection from Sottomarina and Chioggia?
Sure, again thanks to “Raffaello Navigation” you can visit them, for the service navigation islands is guaranteed 10:06 to 15:09 on set days, for other periods must check whether the service is available, however there is always the opportunity to visit them through public vaporetto ACTV
How do I get to Venice without using the car?
Submarine Chioggia is a great base for your excursions. You can reach Venice with the intercity bus line, service and tourist motorboat service barge line. With the service of boat line you can also buy a day ticket that will allow you to make the first leg, the return and the use of all urban water buses in Venice.
What can I make trips when you stay?
The tours usually advise our clients are: tour of the lagoon Lusenzo, Venice, islands (Murano, Burano and Torcello), island of Pellestrina and San Piero in Volta valley WWF wildlife (Averto valley), Park of the Po delta, Villas of the Riviera del Brenta, Euganean and related spa, Padua. All this within a radius of 50 Km., An hour’s drive.
And if we wanted to take advantage of the catering service without necessarily being in full board or half board?
Of course you can make use of our restaurant in absolute freedom; the service takes place at the paper and once accordatisi with the reception you can pay the bill on departure together with that of the room.
There is a parking lot or parking space?
Yes, our hotel has parking which is included in the price.
How do you pay?
As payment method we prefer, and we accept cash or checks to the bank account, if issued by the owner and compiled at the time the account balance, in extreme cases or ATM cards credit.
What is your breakfast?
In our hotel breakfast is Italian style and is served buffet style cafeteria. The buffet includes: jams of various flavors, chocolate spread, honey spreads, butter, biscuits, cereals, milk, cold cereals, juices flavored orange and grapefruit, plums, biscuits, yogurt, espresso machine administering , stained coffee, tea, cappuccino, milk, chocolate, American coffee etc., at the table you will find bread, croissants, and sugars, the waiters will ask for decaf coffee or possibly the decaf cappuccino. What not specified type juices, sausages of various kinds, cheese, eggs and / or requests out of habit, are to be counted as extra.
The hotel rooms are like those we see on the site?
Of course yes! Why would we ever publish photos of another hotel !!! ??? Joking aside, the rooms pictured are the standard type of our rooms are the same regarding decor, comfort and equipment, may be different in cases in position and size.
The price indicated for the treatment of bed and breakfast is referred to the room or per person?
The rate shown for the living room with breakfast is ALWAYS referred to the room and then the total number of occupants.
From now being made available the room, and within what time I have to leave it free?
The room is delivered to the customer by 11.00 in the morning and should be released every case (except by prior arrangement) within hours 10:00. Any delay does not agreed with the direction is counted as an extra day.
Can I make a stay less than 3 nights on a full board or half board?
As previously stated, the half-board or full board is required with stays of 3 nights. If the period of stay is less than 3 nights, will be charged the cost of staying in a bed and breakfast with the addition of meals eaten at our restaurant at a fixed rate of € 20.00 excluding drinks.
How can I, and I have to do to book a stay at your hotel?
Just contact us by phone or by e-mail to request the availability of one or more rooms. After your request for availability, and after Our confirmation of availability, and after your commitment booking, you will need to send a deposit via money order made payable to Us, and a deposit of not less than € 200,00. The money should be sent to: Hotel Ideal Lungomare Adriatico, 34 30019 Sottomarina (Venice) As causal just put the same name, with which you made the booking followed by the period of stay.
Can I cook food for my baby / a weaning?
Following the Dlg 155/99 also known as HACCP, you can cook yourself meals at public facilities (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. .). Our staff will prepare meals for your baby by following your instructions.
How often is the change of the laundry room?
The linen is regulated by the law of the regional ranking hotel. In a 3-star hotel, the sheets and pillowcases are changed twice a week, while towels are changed daily. However, we recommend to our customers, in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of water, detergent and energy, storing only the dirty towels in the sink that should be brought to the laundry before leaving the room for the reorganization. Remember that all linen, towels and, after being washed is thoroughly disinfected with products HENKEL – ECOLAB as prescribed for hospitals and nursing homes.
What is included in the treatment: full board - half board - Bed & Breakfast?
The full board includes: buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner served with a choice of meals buffet of vegetables, a parking space for each room, beach service available from 20:05 to 15:09 daily, every room is entitled to a beach umbrella and two sun loungers or request. Pool service is available from 15:06 to 10:09 daily, the hotel will provide a card with which members of the same room will have access to the pool at the Center Astoria without paying anything. The single room will be paired with another single room (So a common umbrella and a cot for the room). The half board enjoy the same benefits of the full board, except that it will have a meal in less decide between lunch or dinner. The Bed & Breakfast service by law only for: bed and breakfast, and parking facilities beach and pool are not included in the price, but they have an extra charge of: the beach service is not included in a B & B “bed & breakfast” but extra, the daily cost of the service agreement with the Hotel is € 8.00 (per room). The pool service at the Center Astoria is not included in a B & B “bed & breakfast”, but extra, the daily cost for the service for room Convention Hotel is € 9,00 (room consists of two people, each person will have an additional additional € 2.00), instead of € 7.00 per person. Services included in all treatments: rooms with private bathroom with shower, hairdryer, air conditioning, mini-bar for free, cable TV and satellite, telephone (fee), safe, balcony with chairs, parking or parking space.
The vegetable side dishes are buffet?
The hot side dishes are menu, buffet offers salads, vegetables and legumes cold and / or temperature.
For the use of the safe I have to pay?
The delivery of the key to the safe in this room is subject to a deposit of € 20.00 as the cost of duplication in case of loss or non-delivery to the time of departure.
The place on the beach is to be released on the morning of departure?
The day of the departure end all additional services provided by the stay with us. Is only provided breakfast before departure.
Children have a discount?
Sure, all children receive a discount when sharing with two adults and according to age. See discount percentage in “Rates & Specifications”.
Because if we are three in the room does not have three beds on the beach?
The beach is not our property and do not exercise direct control on service. Our convention is based on providing an umbrella, two beds and / or sun-loungers per room, however, at his own expense, there is always the possibility of requesting other beds and / or sun-deck direct the management of the bathhouse.
Because the time of lunch and dinner are fixed and not free?
Meals are taken at set times: 12:30 lunch, dinner 19:30. This is to allow the kitchen to prepare the first courses expressed as pasta and risotto and mixed fried fish and every other delicacy whose delicacy is emphasized by the express cooking.
What time opens and closes the hotel?
The law does not oblige the regional ranking of 3-star hotel to provide a concierge service 24 hours. The lobby opens at 06.30 and closes at 24.00. Customers who make explicit demand may fall after 24.00 hours and leave before 06.30 am in complete autonomy and freedom while respecting the people who are riposando.L’importante and ask the lobby or bar, how to exit and return , before opening and after closing.
Can I bring relatives and / or friends are not housed in the structure in the room?
is prohibited by law, this to ensure the safety and tranquility of the other guests. Guests can receive their friends and relatives in the public areas of the hotel and in the dining room to consume with their meals.
When you pay the bill?
The balance of the account must be made the day before departure.
Drinks and extras are paid immediately or at the end of your stay?
The choice of payment drinks and extras not constrained, the customer can choose to pay each time their consumption or to make her charge to the account of the room.
To whom should I contact in case something unexpected happens when the lobby is closed?
Although the lobby closes from 24.00 to 06:30, the hotel remains guarded to ensure the security and peace of mind that you staying. If necessary, you can contact us via the phone this is in every room, the number to contact in case of need will be communicated at the keys of the room.
The place at the table in the dining room is fixed or is assigned from time to time to each service?
After the arrival, you will be assigned a table that remains fixed for the duration of the stay. In sporadic cases is made of a temporary change due to the needs of supply or in conjunction with special parties who need to have the room in a completely different way.
I'm at the table, alone or with some other guest who does not know?
No! Each room has its own table with the room number, if two or more customers decide then we’ll unify one or more tables, according to needs.
You are equipped with beds, chairs, bed sides Fall children 0/3 years?
The hotel has camping cots 5-6, 5-6 high chairs and / or booster seats and table 2 / 3 bed banks fall, all this is included in the price that the child pays, and have no additional cost, but it is always advisable to make this when booking the room for this need so we will check the actual availability of these tools .
Can I send and / or receive a fax, send and / or receive email?
Sure. The hall is at your disposal to receive or send faxes which will be charged to the account in the cost of a normal call, the mail service is free.