18 days before your arrival the Hotel reserves the right to make a pre-authorization.

The pre-authorization is a system of verification and warranty adopted by hotels around the world to check the accuracy of the credit cards provided by guests at the time of booking.

Do not be surprised if two / three weeks before the date of arrival at our hotel, the availability of purchase of your credit card will be reduced by an amount equal to the first night you have booked.

It ‘a temporary freeze, freezing the sum blocked.

This operation does not generate any type of movement to the bank account of the customer because it is not recognized, then, NOT ‘A CHARGE. The license was issued by the bank reference, or by the operator of the circuit of credit cards.

The pre-authorization thus allows us hoteliers to “reserve” a sum of money, before the payment transaction is actually recorded. In this way, the hotel is guaranteed in any case, the availability of the credit card of the customer.

The number of credit card is only to guarantee the booking, or if you do not turn to check in at the agreed date or not canceled the stay as written in the rules of cancellation, the hotel is authorized to charge your card credit the corresponding cost. Please see cancellation rules.

The duration of the validity of the cancellation policy varies depending on the operator and the circuit of credit used; the amount, if not used as payment, should return available on your card after 21 days.


These rules are characters count for the treatment of B & B, in the case of full board or half board booking, please contact the hotel directly.

We have a very small Hotel, we want to remember that the cancellation rules were established only to be fair to all of our customers so as not to create unequal treatment if one of you could not stay in the hotel and we were not warned in time. It also serves to maintain a low cost of our services.

If you want to make changes to your confirmed reservation, we invite you to consider the following conditions:

Reservations made can be changed without penalty up to 7 days before arrival.

Bookings made may be canceled without penalty up until 4 days before arrival.

Reservations made after 4 days before arrival, cannot be canceled without incurring the penalty that will be charged to the credit card to guarantee your reservation, (still contact us we are always willing to find a peaceful and civil).

In case of arrival after booking or early departure will always try to find a peaceful and civil settlement.